Review of Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter for Single Point Sling

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Sling Mount Part II

Magpul Paraclip -

Magpul Paraclip

This is the second part of the review of the Single Point Sling mount installed on the Uzi stock.  (See Part I here) When adapting several of my defensive/tactical firearms (Beretta 1301 Tactical and F/A Uzi) for single point slings I wanted an anchor that would not swivel like the standard QD sling mount often does when bringing the weapon up and on target. This swivel in turn causes an initial “slip” of the tension in the rig that requires an additional adjustment to take up the slack resulting from the 180 degree rotation of the  sling mount loop to regain the sling tension that provides better control over the weapon as targets are engaged.

The Swivel

This “slippage” results from the sling attachment point (using the HK or similar clip attachment rather than the sling itself) being at one end or the other of the QD mount sling loop. As the weapon is brought to bear, the tension at the point of contact between the swivel and the attachment point of the sling will cause the swivel to do what it is designed to do and swivel!  This causes “slippage” of an inch or so as the swivel rotates toward the point of tension in the sling. This in turn affects the time in which you can stabilize the weapon in the shoulder pocket and create the necessary spot welds to accurately and quickly engage the threat.

Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter

Magpul Paraclip Adapter -

Magpul Paraclip Adapter

This issue is addressed in sling attachment points like the Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter that are designed to  accept the HK-type clip or the Magpul Paraclip that uses the QD swivel receptacle to provide a fixed attachment point that does not swivel.  The Magpul Paraclip adapter uses an opposing wedge tightened with a cap screw. This allows you to orient the anchor loop to ensure the sling tension is maintained as the weapon is brought to bear in the firing stance.