Review of Kick-EEZ Recoil Pad

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As I have described in previous posts to this blog, I recently attended an intensive 4-Day tactical shotgun training course and used a new Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun. Among the improvements I made to the gun, I added a Kick- EEZ sorbothane recoil pad.

Kick-EEZ Recoil Pad

I settled on the Kick-EEZ after a good deal of research into my options for dampening the significant recoil due to the relative light weight of the gun that is such an asset in transitions between multiple targets. Given the polymer stock, mercury cylinders or similar devices would not work.

Reciprocating 2-piece butt stocks like the Knoxx were not yet available for this new model which left me with recoil pads.

Similar Products

In looking for a suitable recoil pad I found 3 major offerings—Pachmyr Decelerator, the Limbsaver and the Kick-EEZ. I have experience with the first two but have never used a Kick-EEZ pad so I ordered one to evaluate. The Kick-EEZ website ( is user-friendly and has a large number of butt stock profiles from which the customer can compare to the shotgun that is to receive the butt pad. Once the profile you need is determined you can go price shopping on Amazon, eBay or Tipton’s for the particular model you need or you can simply order from Kick-EEZ. The model that fit the 1301 was only $35 in the company’s online store so I bought mine that way.

The pad arrived soon thereafter and I installed it on the gun using the original screws through holes that matched the screw pattern perfectly. The pad is 1 1/8” thick with a smooth but “grippy” surface.

With the pad installed I attended the course and could not be more pleased with it. Despite a very high round count of birdshot, 00 Buck and slugs over the 4-day period I had absolutely no soreness in my shoulder. This is in comparison to most of the others in the course who had large nasty-looking purple and green bruises in the pockets of their shoulders. By the 3rd day I would hazard a bet that I could have sold the pad to any number of course participants when they compared my shoulder to theirs. This was so in spite of the large number of Limbsaver and Decelerator pads I saw during the course.


I highly recommend you consider these pads if you have a shotgun or high-powered rifle needing to be tamed.