Review Impact Weapons Component QD Micro Flush QD Sling Mount-N-Slot

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Impact Weapons Sling Mount

This post is my review of the Impact Weapons Components’ Micro-Flush QD sling mount on a standard Uzi.  In setting up my F/A Uzi for an upcoming SMG course I needed a quick detach mount for my single point sling. My Uzi is configured with a composite stock that replicates the wooden fixed stock that was originally used on the Uzi. The stock has a permanently mounted swivel on the left side of the stock on the heel of the metal butt plate.

Neither this swivel nor the one permanently installed on the receiver was suitable for a single point sling so I decided to install a quick detach sling mount on the grip portion of the stock closer to the balance pivot point so that the weapon would hang from the sling at an angle across my body with the muzzle down, pointing at the ground rather than my foot and be in a ready position to quickly bring the gun up on target.

 In searching for a mount I found several possible options—the Noveske Flush QD Sling Mount, the McMillan Flush Mount Base Cup, the Magpul Industries SGA Stock Type 1 Sling Mount Gun Swivel Kit and the Impact Weapons Components Micro-Flush QD sling mount.


Impact Weapons Components QD Micro Flush QD Sling Mount

 Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages but for this application I did not know whether the stock was solid polymer or how thick the material was in the location I had chosen for the sling. As a result I selected the Impact Weapons Components’ Micro-Flush QD sling mount since its mounting design would give maximum flexibility once I determined the internal structure of the stock.

As shown in the photo, this mount uses two “ears” at the top of the mount flush with the surface of the swivel socket. A 10-32 hole is provided in each ear to accept retaining screws inserted through holes drilled on the side of the stock opposite to the mount. A ½” hole is required for the body of the mount.

Impact Weapons Flush Mount with Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter

I used a drill press to drill the necessary 3 holes and the mount fit perfectly and was very secure being retained in place by two 10-32 machine screws.

 As intended, the gun now hangs on the sling at an angle across the shooter’s body with the muzzle pointed toward the ground rather than the foot of the shooter.