Defensive gun training …

is a lifestyle choice that is much more than a  trend, an idea, a whim, and definitely more than one training class.  Our experiences evolved into a training philosophy grounded in the belief that self-preservation requires a lifelong commitment to improvement.  Acquiring a survival mindset is something that happens at different points for everyone.  The important thing is that you find yours.

Survival Mindset

This is simply your desire to live. To Win. It is just as important as your ability to proficiently operate defensive weapons. Only you can decide the strength of your survival mindset and it has to be resolved in your own mind before you need it.  It is crucial to know how far you will go To Win, to go home.


We will always …

  • help you reach your defensive shooting goals
  • emphasize safety and correct weapons handling
  • teach you in ways that help you grow as a shooter
  • provide professional instruction in a safe environment
  • remain available to students after training with us

We will never quit …

on you.  We want you to accomplish your goals and build confidence in your own abilities.  This is a foundational principle of all of our instructors.

We focus on …

  • Core Skills – Safety, weapons handling, marksmanship, and ingraining good habits
  • Intermediate Skills – Core skills under increasing time pressure and other stressors.  Practice, practice, practice
  • Experienced Skills – Realistic stressors (time, environmental, situational)
    • Force on Force
    • Vehicle scenario training
    • Home defense scenario training
    • Civilian defensive tactics

We shoot.

SFGT staff will shoot demonstrations of what we ask you to do.  We do this to show you that we can do what we teach and to instill confidence in you that you can do it too.