Training Program (Recommended):

  • Core Module I
    • Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun classes
  • Intermediate Module II
    • Skill Builder classes
    • Realistic stressors and time pressure
    • Concealment
    • Dry practice
  • Experienced Module III
    • Additional pressures and increased time pressure
    • Realistic training scenarios
    • Force-on-Force
    • Auto, home, street defense scenarios
    • Dry practice
    • Cover & Concealment
    • Movement

Precision Rifle:

  • Precision Rifle Prequalification
    • Sight In
    • Review basic marksmanship, range safety
  • Precision Rifle I
  • Precision Rifle II

Introductory Classes:

  • Handgun 101
    • Famfire 5 popular carry guns
    • 50 rounds included (10 per gun)
    • Range safety
    • Basic marksmanship
  • Handgun 102
    • Bring your gun
    • Range Safety
    • Basic marksmanship
    • Safe weapon cleaning basics


  • “Spec ops” Famfire Experience
    • Suppressed handguns & rifles
    • Tactical shotguns
    • Surprise finale!
  • 20th Century Battle Rifle Famfire Experience
    • Rifles & Shotguns from 20th Century
    • Some ammo included

Your training …

is something you take seriously and put time, money, and effort into to accomplish your goals.  We take your training just as seriously as you do with our personal approach to defensive gun training.  Our expertise in individual and small group training can help you improve basic and advanced skills.  We are committed to your success.


Small Size

You will be in classes where you will get personal attention from our instructors.  Our class size is kept low to give students better training and more chances for personalized instruction.  We prefer quality over quantity.


Our classes will follow a curriculum that is designed to maximize your learning in the most efficient manner.  As a serious student of shooting, you will appreciate the effective training methodologies we employ.  Our classes have a flow that helps students build upon foundations.  We recommend taking classes in sequence for maximum effectiveness.


The goal of every class at SFGT is to give students the confidence to safely operate the weapons they have chosen to focus on in their training.  Our classes incorporate a heavy dose of safe gun handling techniques, weapon operation skills, shooting skills, and legal considerations of defensive gun training.  Each class will help you achieve new levels of confidence and competency in your gun handling.