How to Prevent Tek-Lok From Slipping on a Belt

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Securing the Tek-Lok Belt Attachment

The Tek-Lok attachment device is a superb means for securely attaching holsters, magazine pouches and other items of equipment to your belt without having to thread the belt through each attachment. One minor but potentially important shortcoming, however, is that the system does not prevent the device from sliding on the belt. The included spacers on the Tek-Lok attachment device are not quite snug enough against a standard 1.5″ reinforced gun belt.

Use a Dremel tool to sharpen and shorten the screw. Leave 1/8-1/4" protruding to grab belt.

Use a Dremel tool to sharpen and shorten the screw. Leave 1/8-1/4″ protruding to grab belt.

A slipping holster or magazine pouch can be a serious matter in terms of it   interrupting your muscle memory that relies on the same positioning of equipment involved in the particular task, like presenting your weapon to target or indexing a new magazine. Since I was experiencing this when presenting my handgun, I needed to find a way to stop the sliding.  Enter the anti-slipping screw.

Screw can be adjusted to accommodate the width of the belt.

After studying the way the Tek-Lok attached to the belt I determined that a sharpened screw would address the problem. I obtained a #8X1” stainless steel pan head sheet metal screw and used my Dremel tool to grind the ends of the screw to smooth points so that about 1/4” protruded above the belt side surface of the folding half of the attachment system. Once in position the pointed tip of the screw will bite into the inner surface of the belt and prevent any sliding of the attached equipment along the belt. So far, this has worked well and does not damage the belt other than perhaps a small indention after repeated use that just helps me maintain consistent placement of the holsters and mag pouches.  The locked tek-lok with anti-slipping screw can be seen in the gallery below.