Firearms Training Program

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We offer a defensive firearms training program that effectively teaches anyone to shoot any gun to the maximum of their capabilities.  The firearms training program consists of a Core Module that covers fundamentals applicable to any firearm platform (handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc.).  The Intermediate Module builds on the Core fundamentals and students really begin to develop lifelong skills in this module.  The Experienced Module builds on the first two and then adds a bunch more on top.  Don’t worry!  We push you but only as hard as you can go.  Students who follow the program end up training in cycle, rotating between the Intermediate and Experienced modules. 

Semper Fi Gun Training - Training Program

Semper Fi Gun Training – Training Program

Precision Rifle Path

And for those who are not as interested in defensive firearms training as they are in precision shooting, we offer an excellent precision rifle path.  The precision rifle classes were developed by highly skilled and experienced rifleman and hunters.  If you want to truly practice the One Shot, One Kill hunting philosophy, then this is the training program for you! 

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in some aspect of firearms training, whether it is for self-defense, sport, competition, or hunting.  The firearms training we offer is different from most other schools in several ways.  Not all firearms training is equal. 

We are different

Focus on Fundamentals – The Core Module is created in such a way that every student will know how to safely handle and operate the weapon platform they are studying.  Students ingrain lifelong habits that will keep them and anyone around them safe around firearms.  Remember, guns don’t shoot people on their own! Learn the skills that will always keep you safe if you adhere to them. 

Building Block Approach – The program progresses in a way that builds on the previous training.  In this way, everything students learn is repeatedly reinforced.  We use the word “ingrain” a lot at Semper Fi Gun Training.  Shooting well is a perishable skill.  Defensive shooting also requires “automation,” or muscle memory.  The only way to get that is to ingrain good habits from the beginning. 

We Shoot – The SFGT staff derives much of its fundamental philosophy and methodology from the USMC.  As most of the staff are Marines (ret.), the belief that you lead from front, not the back is important.  Therefore, students will see their class instructors shoot many of the same drills they are asked to learn in class.  This is simply done to show students that the staff can do what they are asking You to do.  We are not just talking heads! 

If you attend classes at schools and never see a staff member shoot the drills you are being asked to perform, and do it well, be concerned. Many schools are worried that they might not shoot well in front of students. Walk the walk, talk the talk!