Firearms Training – Intermediate Module

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The Intermediate module of the firearms training program at Semper Fi Gun Training improves upon the Core module skills, continuing to ingrain lifelong weapons handling skills.  This module requires increased commitment from successful students.  Students will work on more realistic training and perfecting the fundamental skills.  The Intermediate module will:

  • require safe weapons handling
  • develop marksmanship under stress
  • teach you weapons handling under stress
  • enable you to make critical shooting decisions in less time
  • provide more in-depth discussions of legal and moral considerations
  • involve much more dry practice to ingrain good muscle memory

Intermediate Module Skills

Students who continue to the Intermediate module will learn:

  • Safe weapons handling
  • Marksmanship under stress
  • Weapons manipulations under stress
  • Increased situational awareness after engagement
  • Ability to make shooting decisions quickly
  • Shooting from concealment

Progress in the Training Program

You will be smoother in your weapons handling, more adept at fixing your weapon, and better prepared to use it under stress. Dry practice is key here to ingrain good muscle memory.

Next Step: Experienced Module

Following the successful completion of the Intermediate module, students should plan to enter the Experienced module for the most realistic and practical training.