Firearms Training – Experienced Module

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The Experienced module of the firearms training program at Semper Fi Gun Training takes students to the maximum levels of training they can realistically achieve.  Students who are dedicated enough to make it this far in the program will be rewarded with effective, realistic, and practical training.  Students will spend the most time in program in this module learning life-saving skills.  The first two modules taught you the basics and gave you exposure to realistic stressors.  In the Experienced module, you will be tested and pushed to your maximum capability as a defensive or precision shooter.  The Experienced module will:

  • include safe weapons handling
  • test your muscle memory under high stress
  • place you in realistic, stressful situations
  • push you out of your comfort zones
  • include movement while shooting/clearing malfunctions
  • include use of cover/concealment
  • increase the need for situational awareness
  • test your actions/skills against competent, armed opponents
  • teach you advanced skills and civilian tactics
  • give you confidence to handle your weapons in many stressful situations

Experienced Module Skills

Students who make it to the Experienced module will learn:

  • Safe weapons handling under realistic stress
  • Dealing with variety of scenarios
  • Advanced weapons handling under realistic stress
  • Tactics for civilian defensive shooting
  • Shooting while moving under realistic stress
  • Weapon malfunctions under realistic stress
  • Experience with multiple attacker scenarios

Progress in the Training Program

This is the module you should work toward and spend most of your training efforts on.  You will become proficient at weapons handling under significant stress, in realistic situations.  You will also face skilled attackers who will force you to make difficult decisions. Muscle memory from dry practice is essential.

Next Step: Lifelong Dedication

You should not really think of “completing” the Experienced module.  Rather, you should understand your survival mindset and know that you have chosen a lifelong commitment to training.  For those who need a plan of attack, defensive shooting is a perishable skill.  Therefore, plan on lots of dry practice, new training classes from as many schools as possible, and revisit the Intermediate/Experienced techniques/skills regularly.