Firearms Training – Core Module

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The Core module of the firearms training program at Semper Fi Gun Training prepares students for the lifelong commitment of responsible gun ownership and use.  It is focused on defensive firearms training.  The core module will:

  • teach you safe weapons handling
  • begin to ingrain the fundamentals of good marksmanship
  • show weapon malfunctions and teach you how to correct them
  • provide legal, moral, and ethical information relating to real world defensive shooting events
  • work for any platform:  handgun, rifle, shotgun, precision rifle

 Core Module Skills

Students who start off in the Core module will:

  • Learn safe weapons handling
  • Learn weapon functionality and limitations
  • Learn markmanship fundamentals
  • Learn to practice situational awareness
  • Learn to identify weapon malfunctions and fix them

Progress in the Training Program

You will be skilled enough to operate your weapon safely on any range after this module.  However, this foundational information is simply not enough to stake your life on it.  We strongly encourage students to practice what they have learned in this module and to continue their training. 

Next Step: Intermediate Module

Following the successful completion of the fundamentals in the Core module, students should plan to enter the Intermediate module for more training.