Just visit our training page, find the category/class you want to take and follow the easy steps.  We posted a video on how to book a class as well.  
We frequently schedule classes that are not listed online to accommodate your schedules.  Please contact us through the form on this page and let us know what classes you want to take.
Absolutely!  We have a lot of experience working with beginning shooters and our core classes are designed to teach new shooters.  We can also provide all of the gear you will need for the class. We suggest you take the core classes with a group of friends to make the learning experience more rewarding. Or, take an intro class.
Generally, yes.  We do have limits on class sizes but will work with you to accommodate your group.  Please contact us with your group size and preferences so we can get you scheduled.
Class times vary but are typically between 4-6 hours each depending on what class and how students are doing.  We never rush classes but we also do not take up time unnecessarily just to make a class a certain length.


Our training program consists of three modules of training for any platform (handgun, rifle, and shotgun).  It is designed to be sequential so students get the maximum benefit of the training.  We highly recommend moving through the program in sequence. Core Module:  Students learn important safe weapons handling, marksmanship, weapon malfunction clearances, and legal/moral considerations that are the foundation of firearms training. Intermediate Module:  Core module skills are further developed and performed under increasing time and other stressors.  Students also use concealment for most of this module.  Dry practice and live fire practice is critical during this stage.  Get comfortable in this module because it’s where students will end up spending a good bit of their ongoing training time. Experienced Module:  Students will face the most realistic training we can provide in this module.  At this point, you have the consistent skills to operate your chosen weapon in situations of high-stress and adrenaline.  Students are pushed outside their comfort zones to force them to practice making decisions.  Students who have ingrained good muscle memory from the Core/Intermediate modules will be successful here.  You will also face armed opponents for the first time in our force-on-force scenarios using non-lethal training equipment.
As with most training schools, we require a certain level of proficiency in students who are invited to attend our realistic training classes.  There are two paths to get there. 1. Take our core classes and show proficiency in them. Our classes will prepare you for the real-life scenarios we put students through in our experienced level classes. 2. Shooters with appropriate training (civilian/military/LE) can go through skill evaluations with our staff to bypass core level classes.  Once we are comfortable with your safety, weapons handling, and skill level, you will be invited to begin our experienced training.
Skill evaluations are a way for our staff to gauge where a student is in their training at any given time.  They are designed to test a student’s ability to safely operate their weapon under realistic, stressful situations. A skills evaluation is required between each higher level of training in our curriculum.  They are very useful for students as well because they will point out areas that need more work or highlight progress you’ve made. You can take a skills evaluation at any time if you’re ready by registering for one online.
Force on force is an essential training tool.  FoF involves scenario-based training where students will encounter threats that actually fight back or begin attacks.  We utilize air soft weapons and protective equipment in this training.  Staff or select students will act as opposing force to students in these scenarios.
Due to the realistic nature of the intermediate and experienced training we offer, all students must be able to perform consistently at a certain level of safety and skill.  If you think you are ready for more realistic training, please contact us to request a skills evaluation.
We do offer classes that are not part of the main training program.  These classes range from familiarization classes to more specialized classes.  Visit our training page to see all of the current offerings.


Just visit our training page, click the “Promotion Code” button and enter the code.  This works for our promotion codes, as well as Groupon codes.  
No.  Our promotional offers are intended to be used individually.


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