Best place to Buy Rocksett Adhesive

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We are sharing information to save you time and money by telling you where you can get Rocksett Adhesive 2oz with a reasonable shipping cost. As many gun people know, Rocksett engineering adhesive is the go-to thread-lock for attaching flash hiders, muzzle brakes and suppressors or their mounts. Those manufacturers and dealers who recommend it usually provide a small ampule of Rocksett with the product. This is plenty for a one-time application but if the device must be removed and reinstalled for some reason more Rocksett is needed.

The Shipping Squeeze

It is available (intended for other industrial uses) in a 2 ounce squeeze bottle from the manufacturer and a number of other outlets but typically the shipping is more expensive than the Rocksett itself. An exception to this may be any source in the firearms industry where just the association of Rocksett with any firearms-related application seems to increase the price of the Rocksett itself by a 1/3 to ¾ of the price from the manufacturer and certainly from other suppliers.

Buy Rocksett Cheaper

Being the cheapskate I am, I researched possible sources where the shipping does not outstrip the cost of the product and as of the date of this post, the best source of Rocksett in the 2 ounce bottle is the industrial supply company, Global Industries,

As you probably have already realized, 2 ounces of this material will likely be more than any of us will ever use in our firearms activities.

Happy Hunting!  Hope this helps some of you out!