Steve has over 50 years’ experience with a wide variety of firearms ranging from handguns to crew-served automatic weapons. He is also an accomplished instructor with many years of teaching others to operate firearms safely and accurately.
He has been certified by the NRA as an instructor for handgun, shotgun and rifle as well as Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home courses and is a certified Distinguished Expert with the semi-automatic pistol. He has also trained with a number of nationally known firearms schools in the defensive use of firearms.
During his 33 year career as a Marine he has qualified as an Expert with the service rifle and pistol every year that he was required to qualify with those weapons. He also competed in Regional and Divisional Service Rifle and Pistol matches representing the Marine Corps. He is a combat-wounded Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran with service in infantry and reconnaissance units.
He is also an experienced attorney now focusing on firearms and self-defense law.
Wesley has 15 years of firearms experience in handgun, rifle, and shotgun platforms.  He has been a firearms instructor at a nationally recognized shooting school focusing on defensive handgun training.  At Semper Fi Gun Training, he provides professional instruction in handgun, rifle, and shotgun platforms. He is responsible for making sure that SFGT classes and range operate efficiently and effectively. 
He is also TCCC certified.
Von is an instructor with a broad and diverse background of training and experience. In Desert Storm, Von served in the Marines as a scout and received commendations for actions in combat. 
During his service in the Marine Corps he was certified as a Range Coach and as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor with the Marine Security Forces Battalion in 1992. He was certified as a Navy High Risk Training Instructor. In these roles Von was responsible for the successful instruction and range operations for thousands of Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and Law Enforcement Personnel. 
His specialized area of expertise was in the deployment of long range precision rifles, and tactical shooting on all firearms platforms. Due to his significant skills, he was also selected as one of five Marines to develop the curriculum for the Marine Corp’s Designated Marksman Program and is certified as a Marine Designated Marksman. 
Since 1995, Von has been in municipal law enforcement, serving for over eleven years with the department’s SRT/SWAT Team both as an operator, and as an instructor with patrol rifles, precision rifles, handguns, shotguns, and less-than- lethal munitions as well as unarmed defensive and offensive combat.
Von currently serves as a firearms and tactics instructor with a number of law enforcement agencies and the North East Georgia Police Academy. Von is also an avid hunter. He enjoys his ability to take game animals for the strict purpose of providing healthy food for his family and others. A high level of skill and precision enable Von to harvest game in the most humane and ethical fashion.
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