Who We Are

  • Friendly, professional firearms instructors
  • Veteran-owned business
  • Proficient shooters on all firearm platforms
  • Combined 90 years’ firearms experience


What We Do

  • Teach safe firearms handling & shooting
  • Firearms training for all levels of students
  • Focus on realistic, effective firearms training
  • Increase students’:
    • confidence with firearms
    • ability to defend themselves

What We Offer

  • Small, personalized firearms training classes
  • Professional demonstration and instruction
  • Customizable firearms training program for all levels
  • Increased confidence and success in your shooting skills
  • Security team training


Firearms Training Program

  • Modular, building block approach to instruction
  • Modules designed for all experience and skill levels of shooters
  • Interactive, professional firearms training
  • Effective use of realistic scenarios and stressors



Module I

  • Safety
  • Weapons Handling
  • Marksmanship
  • Presentation from holster
  • Moral & legal considerations

– OR –

  • Precision Rifle Prequalification


Module II

  • Safe learning environment
  • Weapons handling under time pressure and other stressors
  • Marksmanship under time pressure and other stressors
  • Malfunctions & reloads under time pressure and other stressors

– OR –

  • Precision Rifle I


Module III

  • Safe learning environment
  • Realistic scenario training under increasing time pressure
  • Shooting under various stressors
    • movement
    • multiple opponents
    • use of cover/concealment
    • scenarios including home and vehicles

– OR –

  • Precision Rifle II
The firearms training program was created from a vast array of personal and professional experiences, lessons learned from extensive training, and common sense.  It is designed to challenge you but not break you.  By progressing through each module, you will achieve a defensive capability rarely achieved in most firearms training for civilians.


Semper Fi Gun Training & Outdoor Range


Our training facility is within easy driving distance of Atlanta and surrounding areas, Athens, and parts of South Carolina.

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We teach our students the keys to success and improvement in their shooting.  Our instructors are some of the best teachers and well-trained shooters.  Let us help you meet your shooting goals.

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Semper Fi Gun Training & Outdoor Range


Professional Firearms Training.

If you are thinking about learning to shoot or shoot better, then we challenge you to take a class with us.  Come see for yourself how quickly you can improve and learn how to develop your survival mindset.

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